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For thousands of years, Istanbul has been the center of the fabulous goods carried along the Silk Road. Istanbul, with its diverse cultures and civilizations, has been a home for the worlds finest merchants for century upon century. The Punto Family has proudly handed down this honored legacy for five generations. Today, Punto continues its fine carpet trade in the same time-honored tradition and location at the VEZIRHAN CARAVANSERAI, the centuries old center for traders on their way to and from the magical Silk Road. In the great traditions of the past, Punto continues as a leader in the legendary trade of the very finest new and antique oriental carpets. For five generations, Punto has continued to sell the worlds most beautiful carpets, wholesaling and distributing these creations internationally.
About Us:

Punto of Istanbul offers a wide range of hand-made rugs as new, antique and vintage in its extraordinary collection.You will find the finest rugs from timeless classics to exotic contemporary in special collection.

The antique Turkish and Persian rugs collection has been gathered with the expertise of generations, we will be delighted to introduce them to your admiration.

The pure silk HEREKE rugs, are woven on the masters-looms of Ozipek and Cinar family and considered to be the signature collection of Punto of Istanbul.